The 6th Session of The Port State Control Committee in The Black Sea Region

(18 - 21 APRIL 2005)

Batumi, Georgia - The Black Sea MOU on port State Control on its sixth Committee meeting agreed to establish a direct link with the International Maritime organization.

Port State control Committee, the governing body of the Memorandum of Understanding on port State control in the Black Sea region (Black Sea MOU), held its sixth meeting in Batumi, Georgia, from 18 to 21 April 2005 under the chairmanship by Dr. Vitaly Klyuev, the Russian Federation. Delegations from Maritime Administrations of the MOU member states Bulgaria, Georgia, Rumania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine attended the meeting. Representative from International Maritime Organization participated in the meeting as observer. Representative from the Republic Moldova Maritime Administration also attended the meeting.

At the opening, Chairman of the Maritime Transport Administration of Georgia Mr. Revaz Beridze, and Vice Chairman Captain Valerian Imnaishivili highlighted achievements by the Black Sea MOU in improving condition of vessels operating in the region. They confirmed adherence of Georgia to the goals of the Memorandum, that is, promotion of implementation of applicable international standards in maritime safety and security and protection of maritime environment.

The Committee decided to grant an observer status to United States Coast Guard, Secretariat of West and Central Africa MOU on PSC, and Permanent Secretariat of the Black Sea Commission after consideration of the applications made by those organizations. The Committee welcomed ratification by the Turkish Parliament of the Black Sea MOU headquarters agreement and expressed its appreciation to Turkish Government in this regard.

A report of MOU activity in 2004 is agreed and will be published in the nearest future. According to the report the MOU member States made 5 643 port sate control inspections. In 3488 inspections 22991 deficiencies were detected and 393 vessels were detained due to serious violation of international requirements. It is agreed that the report would be officially submitted to the Flag State Implementation sub-Committee of IMO for due consideration and probable actions.

The Committee approved new version of the regional port State control Manual, the main guidelines for port State control officers inspecting the vessels. The Manual was made compatible as much as possible with similar documents of the Paris and Tokyo MOUs - leading PSC organizations in the world. Among other things the guidelines of assessment of responsibility of recognized organizations
for the deficiencies leading to a detention are introduced in the Manual. The Manual with appropriate amendments to the text of the Memorandum will enter into force from January 1, 2006.

To provide more effective inspections focused on the vessels not complied with applicable standards the Committee agreed to introduce a computer based targeting system. Initially the system will be launched on a trial basis and upon its adjustment in accordance with the statistical investigations to be made will be introduced in productive mode.

The Committee considered results of its first concentrated inspection campaign held from 1 July to 30 September 2004 and focused on security matters and agreed to arrange similar campaign on Working and Living condition on ships in accordance with the requirements of International Labor Organization. The new campaign is scheduled from 1 September to 30 November 2005.

One of the key issues of the Committee meeting was cooperation with the International Maritime Organization. After careful consideration the Committee agreed to approach the Secretary General of IMO with the request to grant the status of an Inter-Governmental Organization in IMO to the Black Sea MOU. This status will allow the MOU to participate in IMO activities directly and to report to appropriate IMO bodies results of efforts of the MOU. It is expected that IMO will consider the request by the end of this year.

The Committee thanked Dr. Vitaly Klyuev for his contribution in the Committee developments being a Chairman and since his term expired at the end of the meeting elected Capt Valerian Imnaishvili as a Chairman for the next meeting. The next meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in April 2006. The Committee agreed to arrange a joint session with the Committee of the Mediterranean MOU on PSC, which next meeting is scheduled at the same time in Istanbul.

Batumi, Georgia,
21 April 2005

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